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Marine Insurance Coverage

The Goldman practice always has and will continue to focus primarily on representing marine insurers in the wide variety of coverage disputes that arise with policyholders, insureds and additional insureds, vessel owners, and operators. Issues of policy interpretation, the impact of breach of policy warranties, and misrepresentation of material facts in applications comprise the substance of our practice. We have a proven track record of reported decisions that our attorneys can claim in federal trial and appellate courts across the USA. In addition, we have left our mark on some of the particular subjects of the venerable Anglo-American law of marine insurance. 

Defense of Maritime Liability Claims

Covering cases in Florida, New York and Massachusetts, the Goldman Maritime Law Group practice represents Insureds, vessel owners, and policyholders in liability claims asserted by third parties. Our instructions come from the same institutional clients in the London and United States domestic markets that we assist in coverage matters. 

Limitation of Liability

Our Attorneys possess exceptional knowledge and ample experience with the federal court system. Marine insurance clients often ask us to assist their non-marine defense counsel in serious personal injury cases where federal admiralty jurisdiction is required to file and maintain a Limitation of Liability Petition in the advantageous forum afforded by a federal district court. The Goldman attorneys work with non-marine panel counsel from the first instruction to the resolution of the liability case to keep the litigation in the federal court where it belongs.


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